Some Tips For Maintaining Your Weed Eater

Isolated weeds can be removed with an old kitchen knife or treated using a spot weed killer. You may need to treat areas of established perennial weeds several times to kill them completely. When the problem is more widespread, we need to use an overall lawn treatment. On a small lawn apply Buy Marijuana Online  a granular weed killer using a hand shaker pack or apply a liquid weed killer using a watering can fitted with a weed killer dribble bar. Large lawns are quicker and easier to treat by applying a granular weed killer using a calibrated fertilizer spreader.

Coarse grass weeds can also spoil the appearance of a lawn and are not affected by lawn weed killers. You can either dig out the coarse grasses by hand and reseed Buy Marijuana Online  the bare patch, or weaken the weed grass over time by slashing through the patches with a sharp knife each time you mow. A vigorously growing lawn is less likely to be colonized by weeds and mosses. Keep the grasses growing strongly by ensuring it receives plenty of water in long, dry spells? Apply a high nitrogen lawn feed once a year in spring and use a slow release formulation feed throughout the growing season.

If you also have a problem with moss or weeds use a combined lawn weed and feed, or lawn weed, feed and moss killer. Where there is no obvious sign of moss Marijuana Strains  but the lawn still feels spongy when you walk on it, the problem is likely to be the build up of dead grass stems at the base of the lawn, known as thatch. When the thatch gets more than half inch thick it starts to suffocate the lawn and must be removed, a technique known as scarifying. Use a spring tine or wire lawn rake and vigorously rake out the thatch.

This is hard work, so if you have a large area to deal with it is worth considering buying or Buy Weed Online USA  hiring a powered lawn rake to do the job. Scarify your lawn thoroughly once a year in autumn. Falling leaves also cause a problem and must be removed, otherwise the grass beneath will turn yellow from lack of light and be prone to disease. If your lawn is in poor condition and needs reviving, apply a lawn feed. Choose one formulated for the season, spring and summer feeds have much more nitrogen than autumn feeds. If you want your lawn to remain green all summer, you will have to water it regularly during dry spells. A water sprinkler takes much of the hard work out of this tedious task.


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