Trends In Starting A Medical Staffing Agency

Medical staffing employment trends such as radiology, nursing and OT and PT within hospitals continue to be hard-pressed to use the services of staffing agencies. Shortages seem to have a slight affect in facilities using the services of staffing agencies.

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The internal goals of hospitals are pushing to involve a team centered approach, what that basically means is the external shortcomings are directly ensuring that hospitals cannot make decisions without looking at what the future holds for them.

The fact that facilities are tied directly to what the future holds for them in reference to the external goal. Those external goals are, well, The Government. Many facilities are not willing to make big decisions until they are clearer what is going to happened and what is going to be cut

As a medical staffing consultant I am always asked is it worth starting a staffing agency at this time. My answer to this question is an absolute yes.

Why do I say yes if what I have been saying is that hospitals are reluctant to use staffing agencies. I best way I can answer this question is to use an example: When is the best time to buy stocks? When the stocks are down? The same thing applies to staffing.

My experience has showed me that this period we are in is the best time to start a staffing agency. You can start slow, build a reputation, create relationships and find your niche. You begin slow and harvest your clients.

This is also the time to build your recruitment list, candidates are eager for work and building your recruitment list will allow you to use them in the future when you begin to get calls for orders to fill and have a ready available access to a list you build on your own merits.

The economy is having a negative affect in the healthcare fields, but that does not mean all is lost. Measuring outcomes of past cycles shows that everything that shifts in one direction will also shift to the other. When that shift occurs you will be positioned to handle the needs.

The needs will come and you want to be positioned to be able to handle the orders. You want to keep your expenses down and slowly establish your reputation. I always tell my clients, keep your day job if you can while you build your business.

Without greater effort among staffing agencies and more agencies not able to ride the economic wave, those that manage expenses and stay the course will evolve and grow as the economy rises.

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