Water Damage Repair: Learn the First Steps to Take Before Calling a Professional

Any home or business can experience problems from flooding, but most of the time it can be fixed with little long-term destruction. You might think that the first thing to do is call your insurance company, but some problems can be repaired without getting them involved, saving you a deductible and possibly increased rates. Consider the types of water damage control that you can do on your own before the arrival of professionals. The work you are able to do while waiting for professionals will save you immensely.

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If the flood was caused by a bathtub overflowing, a pipe bursting, or a faucet leaking, the floor should still be clean after it gets dry. However, if the flooding was caused by an issue like a flood in your city, which often carries in mud and debris, you will need to also get the area clean after it dries. This will likely be more difficult, but you still may be able to dry the floor on your own.

One of the first steps of water damage repair is getting furniture out of the way. Not only will it likely be ruined once it gets wet, but it can also leave marks on the carpet, especially if the bottom is made of wood. For example, a bed with a frame made of cherry wood often leaves a red mark that is nearly impossible to remove after it leaks into the carpet. You should also remove any other items that you do not want damaged by moisture. If the whole house is affected rather than just one area, put everything up high if possible, such as on counters or on closet shelves.

If the floor is wet, you can begin drying it by mopping, though you can expect it to take a while. Throwing towels or other absorbent items on the surface can also help get it dry. If the carpet is soaked, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to get out some moisture, but of course you can expect it to take hours or even days to finish the job. Adding a fan or opening windows if possible will aid you in the drying process. Water damage can wreak more havoc if not taken care of immediately, so do what you can to remove the excess water. This is much better than letting the carpet dry naturally, as that could take weeks and promote mold growth. Then your issue is way beyond water damage

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